Treat your vehicle with professional Mini Valet. Your vehicle body will be sprayed with the detergent solution, which is specifically designed for the car valeting industry and allows easy removal of the dirt from the body of your vehicle whilst protecting the paintwork. Oncevehicle has been treated with the detergent, this will allow easy and caring dirt removal during the power washing process.

CleanStop Valeting Service operative will ensure that vehicle body has been fully washed, and all exterior surfaces are ready for the next step – Nano Fibre Cloth Treatment. NANOLON Fiber is proven breakthrough cloth technology. It captures liquid, dust and dirt like a magnet.

If your vehicle is equipped with the rubber mats, they will be cleaned using power washing method. Carpets and carpet type matts will be hoovered as well as your vehicle seats. Dashboard will receive a special treatment. We don’t just wipe down the dust, we turn back time on your dashboard. We use UV protective solutions for vinyl, plastic and rubber which will return your dashboard to its original appearance.

We use compressed air to clean out the air vents and remove any allergens they may hold. Our aim is to restore showroom shine. Door ledges and wheels will also receive a fibre cloth treatment.



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Optional Extras

Add Power Out Odour -X Whole Car Blast Odour Eliminator  - Car odour eliminator targets and eliminates strong odours to leave your car smelling clean for a more enjoyable driving experience. Our unique car odour fogger features advanced, Odour X technology to destroy even the toughest odours. It breaks down and neutralizes new odours weeks after the initial application.

Add exterior Wax and Polish application. It is recommended to apply Wax at least four times a year. This will provide another layer of defense against the weather and will help ensure your paintwork stays in top condition.

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